soulja-boy-2012-07-16-300x300via: WWW.SOHH.COM

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has reportedly fallen victim to unnamed hackers with his social networking accounts like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all being compromised.

SB broke the news to his 4.9 million Twitter followers Monday (March 18) afternoon.

“If any of my followers know anyone from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube/Google let me know because all of my accounts are hacked. Thanks,” he tweeted.

“This is only going to make me go harder, they deleted all my YouTube videos that’s some real hater sh*t right there” (Soulja Boy’s Twitter)

According to reports, Soulja Boy has already pointed the finger at a possible suspect.

A short while later, Soulja Boy start pointing the finger at user @Official_Sleepy as the hacker, posting his supposed phone number and offering “20 bandz if you find this fuck nigga who stay in florida!” and saying, “if someone can hack this fuk nigga who hacked all of my shit ill put up 5 bands for all of this niggas accounts!” @Official_Sleepy then started placing the blame on another user, @KingDaveSODMG, to which Soulja responded, “I fuks wit @kingdavesodmg now. Fuk nigga @official_sleepy thought he had me fooled fuk nigga I saw yo ip on ma shit bro, fuk nigha tryyna blame niggas Man up brah! #Goingin” (Complex)

Coincidentally, fellow Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane reportedly had his Twitter page hacked into last week.

Hmm…Rahim from Warner/Atlantic says Gucci’s manager claims Gucci’s twitter account was hacked into. But then why is it that more than 12 hours later, 1) there is no “explanation” or retraction tweet. And 2) The diss tweet is still up. Look, hacking happens, so it’s possibility. But it doesn’t seem to add up in this situation. Also, usually you don’t see just one hacked tweet. Also…Gucci can be volatile. So, I’ll just say instead, I hope this incident of bad blood between one of my favorite buddy teams in trap rap isn’t irreversible. (Miss Info TV)


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