A3C Networking Event held in Atlanta each year during second week of October

A3C Networking Event held in Atlanta each year during second week of October

As I log onto twitter to check retweets, DMs, mentions, etc; I notice how independent artists; producers and or managers hit me up with links of their audio/video youtubes for review. As a blogger/PR, it’s normal for me to review music and give feedback, but there is one thing that I notice which turns me off from even listening to their music or even clicking on their link(s)…..PERSONALITY. It irks us bloggers to receive messages from artists or anyone else urging us to listen to their material when there is no personal touch. Why is this important? Well, bloggers are always busy with doing what we do best; writing stories/music reviews/interviews. We, (Bloggers) tend not to take people seriously if we are unable to really get the feel of the artist/manager and their goal for their music. Check out the Top 5 Ways to get in Good with Media outlets:


1. If using Twitter, hit the blogger/PR and ask for their email address. If they are following you, you are able to DM (Direct Message) them which provides better chances for a quicker reply. By asking for an email address, it lets the recipient know that you are interested in making contact.

2. First Impression is everything – In email, introduce yourself. This is your first contact with the blogger and a great way to break the ice and build rapport. If you tell them in email, “Wassup this my new single. Can you put on your blog?” I promise you that you won’t get a reply.

3. Artist, if you have mgmt. it’s best at times that the communication is between your manager and the blogger/PR – Why? Most artists want to know how a blogger feels about their music and want feedback; unfortunately, if their music is “not so hott” and the blogger expresses that to the artist, it can be very uncomfortable for the artist and the person giving the feedback. Artists may have a love for their music that may not be felt the same with the one who is listening and giving feedback. The manager or producer is the best medium for this opinion to be expressed to.

4. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK: Do Not…go to a networking event playing the “pass the business card and run” game. Bloggers, PR, A&R WILL NOT remember you and most likely throw your card away. Shake our hands, introduce yourself, talk about your music/project, etc. and move on. You will be remembered!

5. NO PRO BONO!! Bloggers make money; not only from ads on their sites, but for work done as favors for artists/producers. Bloggers have no problem with putting your music on their sites at no charge, but once you bring the favor of constant advertising, giving them feedback, album reviews, etc; it becomes time consuming and at that point, we must be PAID!

This information is to HELP those who are in need of promotion of their material. The industry is a dog-eat-dog world and if you can’t communicate, you won’t make it.





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