The road to “Two Eleven,” Brandy‘s sixth studio album, hasn’t exactly been smooth. In the years since 2008’s “Human,” the singer parted ways with label Epic Records when the album underperformed, took a break from singing to dabble in rap (under the name Bran’Nu), reality TV (“Dancing With The Stars,” VH1’s “A Family Business”) and acting (recurring roles on The CW’s “90210” and BET’s “The Game.”) When she finally returned to R&B earlier this year it was for the Monica reunion “It All Belongs To Me,” a single that underperformed so much it delayed the release of “Two Eleven.” It was also ultimately pulled from the album altogether, after initially being conceived as a joint release for Monica and Brandy’s first albums for RCA.

So it’s comforting, then, to hear Brandy at her most assured on “Two Eleven,” a collection of old-school R&B songs with a modern, often futuristic twist with no trend-chasing experiments with EDM and virtually no guest stars (save for a Chris Brown cameo on lead single “Put It Down.”) In fact, it’s her most focused album since 1998’s “Never Say Never,” the Rodney Jerkins-helmed LP that made her a global superstar.

While “Two Eleven” won’t touch that album’s chart impact (truth be told, it may even struggle to match or surpass the disappointing 214,000 copies that “Human” sold), it nevertheless features some of her freshest beatssince 2004’s experimental, critically adored “Afrodisiac,” courtesy of a list of collaborators that includes Bangladesh, Mike WiLL Made It, Major Lazer’s Switch, Jim Jonsin and Nate “Danja” Hills. It also has a who’s who of contemporary R&B songwriters, from a pair of tracks with Chris Brown to previous collaborator Frank Ocean to Sean GarrettRico Love andMario Winans.



  1. 1 King Art
    November 13, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    I dont understand why people are so negative about Brandy. How many copies of 2/11 did you buy? We are here to support B-Rocka so if youre not then sit down and shut the fuck up!

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