In what has to be the hook-up of the year in urban America, NewPrentiss.com has learned via Rollingout.com and MTO that Stevie J and his protegée are getting married.

While you’re picking your jaw up off the floor, we’ll repeat the statement: Stevie J just put a phat rock on Joseline’s ring finger, according to mediatakeout.com. The scoop on the set of “Love & Hip Hop” snitched and said Stevie J spoke with producers to relay the fact that he’s going to reign in Joseline’s “ratched-ness” by hitching up with the woman. Stevie J was also savvy enough to ensure that the producers of “Love & Hop Hop” filmed him proposing to Joseline.

The proceeding was described as “moving” and “touching”, which are interesting terms, considering the buffoonery that shoots out from the TV screen in gushes when the show is on.

So now that you’ve took a big swallow of this breaking information, how do you feel about Stevie J and Joseline’s alleged engagement?

And, how do you feel about Mimi being burnt like that? She’s the one who birthed a child for Stevie J after a long relationship and Stevie J didn’t even as much buy her a piece of bubblegum for her troubles.

Looks like the drama and intrigue are getting ratcheted up (there’s that word again) in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned …




  1. 1 Angel
    July 18, 2012 at 5:48 am

    A hotmess but I’m not going to lie, I love it….LMAO. It makes me feel like my life is going great…lol. Ladies, ladies, ladies where is the self esteem. We are making us women look bad, I mean REAL bad….lol. Ms Josphine, you seem like you have the potential (yes I said it) to be a woman of substance. What’s going on? Is his penis that good? Is he kicking that good of a game? You can look at him and tell he ain’t no good. Dayum girl. Well let me warn you, how you get him is the same way you are going to lose him. I don’t care how much you are pleasing him in the bed room, he’s a man without morals. When he was arguing with the other rapper, he said he got 5 baby mammas. What dude? Say what?? Really? First of all, I can’t believe grown ass people are still having unprotected sex. Really son? Really? lol.

    As for the latest baby momma, I’m not sure what to say to you. I guess you are just another baby mamma. Not to worry, you will survive. Ladies pray. All I can tell you is to pray. Ask God to clear your mind so you can hear him telling you that he love you and want you to be happy. I’m not judge you, just passing down the knowledge. Now that you know, it’s up to you to seek enlightenment. God is waiting. Peace to you both. Being that you both are in GA, I highly suggest you go see Prophet Christina Glenn Weeks or Prophet Juanita Bynum. They will tell you the truth. No worries about being Judge. They are hear to give you God’s word. Peace

  2. 2 Tatyana
    July 19, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    wow what is going on Mimi is losing her mind how could stevie j do that to Mimi he just said that he wanted her to be happy she not happy now stevie you are crazy for being with that man that you are getting married to good luck with your new man stevie

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