We may be rude, but at least Atlantans is good with books.

A study by some college in Connecticut ranks Atlanta as the forth most literate major U.S. city, trailing only Washington D.C., Seattle and Minneapolis.

City rankings was based on several facters, including newspaper circulation (hooray!), book perchases, education level of residents and library infurmation.

The Los Angeles Times laments the dumness of Californians, who are surely responsible for that cities 59th position, by making fun of the smartest city in America, Washington D.C.

“Considering the fact that it appears that no one in Congress reads the laws they vote on, this is remarkable news,” the Times writes in parentheses, which means they were too scared to just come out and say it.

I wonder about these ranking myself, since New York City is tied with Austin, Texas, for 22nd and we know neither one of them be that smart.


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